The new neighborhood

The Great Destroying and Rebuilding is well underway! The New Labyrinth is emerging!
Actually, I’m sure that the details of all of this are more more exciting for me that for anyone else, as I’m getting a chance to fix a bunch of problems and transform my archive into something that actually resembles an archive, but there should be plenty of benefits for everyone who uses any of the sites. In general, I have attempted to maintain specialized collections where there seems to be some purpose or demand, while making it much easier to navigate between them. So it’s time to shut the doors here and move on.
From now on, all of my sites can be reached from a single address:
That’s pretty much all you need to know. Once in the new network of sites, the navigation tabs are fairly standard:
  • LABYRINTH takes you to the center of things and the general history/announcements BLOG.
  • LIBRARY takes you to the Omeka catalog.
  • WIKI lets you view the recently relocated Libertarian Labyrinth wiki without leaving the WordPress interface, and WIKI (Direct) takes you straight to the wiki site.
  • TRANSLATIONS goes to the Index of Working Translations.
  • CONTR’UN leads to the new home of my anarchist theory blog.
  • PROUDHON will take you to the Proudhon Library site, where there’s a new blog for my most proudhonological efforts, plus a forum and access to the Proudhon Library wiki. Local navigation this is a little different, because of the forums and a separate PL WIKI, but all the familiar links ought to be there as well. Hint: some navigation menus pull down.
  • BAKUNIN, as you might guess, links to an improved Bakunin Library site.
  • ATERCRACY links to The Great Atercratic Revolution

A few tabs lead out of the network, to sites that will eventually be incorporated:

  • FRONDEUSE links the the La Frondeuse/Black and Red Feminist History site
  • BEER links to my neglected beer-review blog, Well-Aged & Slightly Bitter, with Just a Touch of Funk.
  • OSSAPY links to The High Hills of Ossapy, an even more neglected archive of material on the history of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.
  • And something will possibly soon point at a new merger of material from Splendors of the Combined Order and Possible and Impossible Worlds. All of these Blogger collections will eventually find a home in the new configuration, but perhaps primarily as index pages or collection in the Library, with the posts appearing on the main Libertarian Labyrinth blog.

Meanwhile, back in the main network

  • ALL leads to an aggregator of posts, pages and files from all the site.
  • And LINKS brings up all of this information, plus more good places to visit.

However, since I hope that the new arrangement will be fairly intuitive, the main thing to remember is just one address:

Welcome aboard.

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